Pile Driver

SGL Constructors (Skanska , Granite and Lane Joint Venture)  is the Prime Contractor on the I-4 Ultimate Project in Orlando, FL. The total construction costs for the project are $2.3 Billion.

SGL Employee Benefits:
•    Medical
•    Vision
•    Dental
•    401K
•    Short Term Disability
•    Long Term Disability
•    Paid Vacation
•    Paid Holidays*

Specific Responsibilities:
•    Works as assigned by the Barge Foreman and/or Pile Driver Operator to ensure the successful completion of on-going or new marine construction projects.
•    Assists in unloading and assembling of crane or other hoisting equipment to be used in piledriving activities.
•    Unloads and assembles piledriving hammer and leads.
•    Unloads various types of piling – concrete, pipe, H-piling, timber and steel sheet piling.
•    Fuels, lubricates, and maintains the piledriving hammer.
•    Lays out from blueprints and/or site plans the exact location where the pilings will be driven.
•    Performs site preparation for installation of various concrete and wood structures.
•    Prepares the piling to be driven and assists in positioning and driving the piling.
•    Assists with the installation of boom and hoisting cables on the joisting equipment.
•    Employs knowledge of construction rigging, such as use of slings, cable chokers, spreader bars, and multi-part load blocks, to complete crane hoisting tasks.
•    Utilizes various hand signals for communicating with the Pile Driver Operator of hoisting equipment.
•    Works with Pile Driver Operator to maneuver and position loads over designated areas in a smooth, safe manner.
•    Sets up power and hand tools necessary to prepare specific pilings.
•    Uses oxygen/acetylene welding torch to cut steel plates, pipes, beams, etc.
•    Uses pneumatic power tools - drills, countersinks, and tuggers - as required.
•    Uses gasoline chain saw to cut timbers and timber piling.
•    Dresses and caps the pilings after having been driven and prepares them to receive the superstructure.
•    Builds the form work for concrete structure, and constructs the timber falsework for all kinds of structures.
•    Performs other related piledriving duties as may be required by specific project.
•    Works closely with Pile Driver Operator, Barge Foreman, Welders, Helpers, Laborers and other skilled craft persons to complete current projects in a safe and efficient manner.
•    Participates in Safety and Environmental initiatives that will contribute to compliance of State/Federal regulations and improve existing Company programs.

SGL Constructors is an equal opportunity employer.   All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to status as a protected veteran or a qualified individual with a disability, or other protected status, such as race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or age.