On-Premise Line Cleaner

The job description which follows is designed to provide the employee with an overview of his/her job duties, however the job description is not all inclusive. All employees are subject to being assigned additional duties at any time. This job description is also subject to being changed at any time.

Duty of job is to flush drafter beer from our lines using a pump and cleaning solution. Clean the faucets and tapping device and back flush with water after cleaning the lines. Finally, the line is back flushed with beer and Tested with PH paper then the account is back up ready to serve draft beer. Line Cleaners completely clean draft lines at retail. Some other duties of the job will include changing out tap devices, draft troubleshooting, moving kegs, and merchandising the account.  Line Cleaners must be able to lift 35 pounds and occasionally lift 145 pounds.  

A Line Cleaner is direct contact from the wholesaler to the retailer. Position focuses on the LBI Brands and Lines to clean in a targeted account.