Dry Kiln Supervisor

Edwards Wood Products is looking for a Dry Kiln Supervisor to join our Marshville NC Team.
3 to 5 years’ experience supervising the manufacturing, drying and shipping of green and kiln dried hard wood lumber
Strong knowledge/communications skills of all aspects of Dry Kiln Operations
 We Offer Great Pay & Benefits

Pallets, Green and Kiln Dried Lumber, Chips, Mulch, Crane Mats, Bridge Mats, Pipeline Skids, Switch Ties and Cross-Ties are what we do at Edwards Wood Products, Inc. Founded in 1969, we are one of the largest manufacturers of pallets in the southeast - producing upwards of 120,000 per week. In addition to pallets, Edwards Wood Products produces high grade hardwood lumber for domestic and overseas markets at a rate of 2,500,000 board feet per week. We don't stop there. Edwards Wood Products also is a manufacturer of Bridge and Crane Mats, Pipeline Skids, Cross Ties, Switch Ties, Mulch, Sawdust, Chips and Bark.