Proposal Coordinator

This position will work directly with the Estimating and Project Development groups assisting with the production, from start to finish, of bids that require Best Value and Design-Build proposals in addition to pricing. The position will help create templates and organize corporate information for use on proposals in an effort to increase our efficiency with proposal development. Additionally, will assist with corporate networking and outreach efforts. This may include producing event materials, attending networking and outreach events, updating websites and company newsletters.

Assist and guide proposal development for Corman and Corman Marine estimating;

  • Review project specifications for proposal requirements
  • Generate matrix of requirements for proposals
  • Assist estimating team with production of required materials
  • Guide/QA production efforts to ensure all material is included in the proposal
  • Grammar/style editing of text
  • Production of proposals – combine text, graphics, binding, delivery to customer
  • Manage schedule and deadlines ensuring on-time and complete proposal development and submission
  • Assist with organization, development and storage of proposal template and corporate historical information for use in proposals

Assist with outreach and networking efforts

  • Work with marketing firm to produce and develop materials for outreach and network efforts
  • Organize and manage outreach efforts
  • Attend events on behalf of Corman and Corman Marine
  • Submit award applications on behalf of projects
  • Assist with development of corporate newsletter and update of corporate websites


  • Advanced Word, PowerPoint skills
  • Graphical editing skills
  • Advanced business writing and editing skills