Maintenance Technician – Spinning

Under direction of Maintenance Supervisor, responsible for the general maintenance to the Spinning frames and to do related tasks as required.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
•    Report to assigned job at beginning of shift. (8:30AM- 5:30PM).
•    Perform Preventive Maintenance in Spinning Frames:
•    Replace any bad bearings and bearing slides
•    Replace bad steel rollers, wheels, rotors, navel etc.
•    Put on new front rollers
•    Use roller picker to clean spinning machines
•    Clean tangible belts
•    Replace any tension bars broke
•    Perform machine repairs as needed.

Education Experience:
High School or GED. Eighteen months of education and training beyond high school level in general repair or closely related technical area.
High school or GED and two years of experience in general maintenance or other maintenance responsibilities that would include the ability to recognize electrical, plumbing, and mechanical malfunctions or equipment failure.

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