Carding Operator

Starting Pay $11.50

Essential duties and Responsibilities:
•    Report to assigned job at beginning of shift.
•    Change blend lines as needed.
•    Clean distributors and Sweep Jets at the beginning of each shift.
•    If a card operator has more than three (3) malfunctions make needed adjustment to the card machine.
•    Change gears on drawing machines and set rollers for correct styles as needed.
•    Change gears on roving machines and set rollers for correct styles as needed.
•    Perform machine repairs as needed. If unable to perform machine repair call the designated Over hauler to help with the problem.
•    Perform machine operator duties as needed.
•    Always place waste in designated containers, never leave on the floor when working on machines. (chokes, sliver etc.)
•    Clean air wash screens two (2) times per shift

Shift's Schedule: 12-hour shifts 7am-7pm for 1st shift and 7 pm-7 am
Working Schedule: 2-3-2 schedule. 2-on 3-off 2-on, and 2-off 3-on 2-off.

 Education Experience:
High School Diploma or equivalent GED.

Keer America Corporation strives to provide our employees and their families with competitive, cost effective benefit plans. Upon completion of applicable waiting periods, you and your eligible dependents are eligible to join the plans listed below, subject to the eligibility requirements of each plan.
• Medical *includes prescription drug
• 401(k)
• Dental
• Paid Vacation Time
• Basic Life Insurance
• Holidays