Spinner Operator

Starting Pay $12.00
Operate machines, be responsible for the yield and quality of production efficiency above >90%.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
•    Make sure there are enough supplies and correct sliver sections on each machine, and make the production efficiency as : 16s or above > 95 % , 10s or above > 90%
•    Fill cans up when sliver goes down to 6 layers.
•    Switch cans as soon as possible when sliver goes down to the opening of can.
•    Put red lights out immediately, and the number of red lights on each machine should be less than 2.
•    Do the cleaning work well according to the cleaning sheet.
•    Empty the recycling cans on time according to the schedule sheet.
•    Keep floor clean, make sure there is no fiber or yarn on it, and refill tubes at the front immediately if needed.
•    Keep fiber and yarn separated to the corresponding cans, put recycling cans to the fixed area and keep trash out of the production area.
•    Take out cotton waste according to cleaning schedule. Separate the brown and white waste and put it in the designated waste cans.
•    Close all the doors and covers of machines before start up.
•    Cut out the uneven sliver and pick out impurities, colors and grease from it
•    Shift's Schedule: 12-hour shifts 7am-7pm for 1st shift and 7 pm-7 am
•    Working Schedule: 2-3-2 schedule. 2-on 3-off 2-on, and 2-off 3-on 2-off.

 Education Experience:
High School Diploma or equivalent GED.

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• 401(k)
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• Paid Vacation Time
• Basic Life Insurance
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