Starting Pay $12.00
Take the yarn out from machines. To ensure the yield and quality of production, be able to finish 20t per shift.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
•    Report to assigned job at beginning of shift.
•    Take the yarn out from the machines, put them on the paperboards, and make it 7 layers high for each pallet.
•    Each variety has its designated tubes, do not mix the colors up, and put the pallets neatly at the packing area which is separated by different varieties.
•    Do not put the yarn on the pallet which has grease, different fiber, colors, broken surface, bad shape, wrong tube on it.
•    Use a forklift to bring the wood pallets and paperboards to the fixed area.
•    Put the packaging garbage into the trash can and keep the back area clean.
•    Pick up the tubes and get them back to the boxes at the front of machines.
•    Take care of the forklift key and keep it stay on the forklift.
•    Always leave your shift in good condition for the next shift.
•    Always use proper tools, equipment & PPE for the task at hand.
•    Report any production or quality issues to management immediately.
•    Report any unsafe work practices or conditions to management immediately.
•    Shift's Schedule: 12-hour shifts 7am-7pm for 1st shift and 7 pm-7 am
•    Working Schedule: 2-3-2 schedule. 2-on 3-off 2-on, and 2-off 3-on 2-off.

Education Experience:
High School Diploma or equivalent GED.

Keer America Corporation strives to provide our employees and their families with competitive, cost effective benefit plans. Upon completion of applicable waiting periods, you and your eligible dependents are eligible to join the plans listed below, subject to the eligibility requirements of each plan.
• Medical *includes prescription drug
• 401(k)
• Dental
• Paid Vacation Time
• Basic Life Insurance
• Holidays