Can Transporter

Starting Pay $12.00
Overall Job Purpose:

Responsible for delivering the cans. Ensure plenty of supplies and manage the supplies well for OE spinning frames.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

•    Report to assigned job at beginning of shift.
•    Move 4 ( four ) full drawing sliver cans at one time from drawing machine to Spinning making sure the supply is enough and take 4 empty cans back to designated drawing machines.
•    Collect all the empty cans on all machine and place it according to can labels.  The can number should match with the machine number.
•    Collect and supply full cans according to machine number and can number.
•    Organized the empty can well behind the yellow lines neatly according to the spinning frames number, if there is no room, put it in the draw frames.
•    Sweeps entire card room 4 times per shift ( more if needed )
•    Always use proper tools, equipment & PPE for the task at hand.
•    Report any production or quality issues to management immediately.
•    Report any unsafe work practices or conditions to management immediately.
•    Perform all other job duties as assigned by the Shift Supervisor.
•    Shift's Schedule: 12-hour shifts 7am-7pm for 1st shift and 7 pm-7 am
•    Working Schedule: 2-3-2 schedule. 2-on 3-off 2-on, and 2-off 3-on 2-off.

Education Experience:
High School Diploma or equivalent GED.

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