Safety Professional

This position will lead Operations leadership, departments, and Safety teams to develop and implement strategies, activities, and decision-making processes.

As a Health & Safety leader you will also provide support and subject matter expertise to drive efforts in mitigating risks to a tolerable level by utilizing progressive risk assessment methodologies; safe design knowledge to participate in design meetings; utilize progressive root cause analysis techniques to develop appropriate corrective actions at the safety management system level; develop and report a balanced portfolio of metrics; and drive us past basic compliance and onto safety excellence that is based on a safety management system framework.


  • Experience in manufacturing safety aspects preferable.
  • College Degree from accredited institution (BS in Occupational Safety or equivalent).
  • Experience in safety control techniques, processes, and procedures - including Root Cause Analysis techniques, Risk Assessment methodologies, and Safety Management Systems
  • Proficiency in safety and health regulations and practices- OSHA, consensus standards, etc..
  • Proficient in verbal and written communications skills.
  • Must have superior management skills (i.e., exceptional ability to handle objections and rejections, conflict management, mentoring and coaching, team leadership, delegation, negotiation, etc.)
  • English speaking.
  • 5-10 years’ experience in related work.


Our company takes a special interest in every member of our associate family. In addition to traditional benefits, we are known for developing a host of innovative programs – sharing the company’s financial success, providing in-house medical service, extensive education and training, family outreach, employee assistance, and more.

  • Medical Coverage and Insurance
  • Prescription Coverage
  • Family Outreach Center for Associates and Dependents
  • Daycare Supplement
  • Retirement Planning-401k
  • Career Training and Advancement
  • Education Scholarships

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