Where Will Your Spiritual Path Lead You?

At this moment, hundreds of thousands of young men and women serve in America’s Navy. As a Navy Chaplain and Officer, you will serve and work alongside them. Build friendships.

Share in their trials and their triumphs. And be ready to lend a listening ear – or offer spiritual insight in the moment its needed most. The need is real. The rewards are bountiful. And the calling is great. Are you ready to serve both God and country as a Chaplain in America’s Navy? There’s never been a better time to find out.

If you’ve chosen to answer a spiritual calling, you can provide guidance to men and women who’ve also answered a call. Navy Reserve Chaplains eat, pray and work together with the people they serve. In this way, you’ll come to know and experience your ministry like nowhere else.

Navy Reserve Chaplaincy also includes benefits such as a competitive salary, scheduled pay raises, outstanding retirement benefits and a 401(k)-like savings plan. All of this while serving part-time as a religious leader and a Navy Officer.

In this ministry of presence, each day is a chance to touch a life.